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I was about to buy a board that has SATA 6Gb/s (For the USB3) and put a Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB Sata 3Gb/s.

I tought that for a HDD like that Sata 6Gbs would be useless when the drive can read or write at max around 115 mbs. Until I see a HDD branded Sata 6Gbs, which I don't see how it would use Sata 6Gbs... I tought the new Sata was for SSD?

So does it make a difference to have a HDD with Sata 6gbs over a 3gbs?
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  1. It won't for a traditional HD. I think it won't even really matter for a single SSD. You'd see it more useful for RAID arrays or future technologies.

    Here's a chart showing max read throughput,,905.html - Intel x25-m scores 232MB/s, which would pretty much flood a 1.5Gb/s port.
  2. Alright thank. So the HDD Sata 6Gb/s was a bad tagging for the product? (Guess a company tries to fool some people)
  3. Well, it could be a little misleading in that the drive doesn't go that fast (maybe data in cache can transfer that fast for a short burst) - but it is compatible with that standard.
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    I'm reaching ~1250MB/s with 5 Intel SSDs in SATA/300; who needs SATA 6Gbps? ;-)

    For HDDs, SATA 6Gbps is nothing more than marketing. For SSDs it allows for faster SSD controller designs to make use of the available bandwidth.

    The Micron controller in the Crucial C300 is the first to have a 6Gbps controller, but doesn't really use the additional bandwidth. The only improvement is slightly higher sequential reads and 10% higher random IOps. Nothing ground-breaking. For that, you have to wait for the next generation of SSDs to arrive around christmas this year, when Intel will release its Postville refresh based on 25nm NAND MLC and 6Gbps controller. Other controller designs will likely introduce itself around that time.

    So if you can wait, in half a year you'll have very fast SSDs. For now, a single Intel 40GB or 80GB is a nice buy and would still be usable in a second system after you bought a 'real' 300GB SATA6Gbps Intel SSD in january 2011 or so.
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  6. sorry but you guys are off on that
    when i connecte my ssd crucial 300 to sata 6gbs it runs twice as fast literally for sustained transfer.
    sure, startup is probably not improved but who cares?
    instant is instant
    and sata 6 cards are really cheap ($30)
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