Really need help on ddr2 vs ddr3

im really stuck here.. im not much of a computer known guy. all i know is how to put them together load the software etc. im trying to fine a very perfect video card for a mortherboard. the mortherboard runs on DDR2 but the video cards i have looked at and they are like so powerfull runs on high res. but they are all DDR3 will a DDR3 video card run on my computer. or do i really need to get my self a DDR2 here is the mortherboard im geting. i hope i can run ddr3 if i can then sweet no need to worry about ddr2. all the ddr2 sucks to be honest..
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  1. Are you sure the graphics card uses DDR3 and not GDDR3? In any case, it won't be a problem. The graphics card's memory is on board.
  2. The memory on graphics cards is independant of main system memory, for example my main RAM is DDR2 while my HD4870 uses GDDR5.
    Unless you`re really short of cash, do n`t buy a graphics card that uses GDDR2, it`ll slow the card quite a bit.
    If you tell us what CPU you plan on using and what monitor resolution you`ll be using we`ll be able to offer advice on a suitable card.
  3. yes im sorry it's gddr2. what is the best cpu for a gammer. i have always told amd is the best cpu for a gammer. but im stuck i have heard so many things i just dont know what to belive... all i know is i want the computer to be fast. and can be able to play every single game on the market. and for the resolution at lest 1920 x 1200 or more. so you saying is that i can run a gddr5 and it still work on my computer even thoought i have a ddr2 mortherboard?
  4. right now im running Nx8600GT-TD series. 512mb GDRR2 PCIE 2.0
  5. if so that means i can run the 2GB ATI RADEON HD 4870 X2
    RAMDAC: Dual 400 MHz
    Maximum Resolution: 2560 x 1600 (Digital) - Dual Link DVI
    Video Memory: 1GB x2
    Memory Type: GDDR5
    Memory Interface: 256-bit x2
    Stream Processors: 800 x2
    Core Clock: 750 MHz
    Memory Clock: 3.6Gbps
    Interface Type: PCI Express 2.0
    Interface Speed: x16
    Connector(s): HDTV
  6. dude it doesnt matter what RAM the graphics card has it has NOTHING to do with system RAM. if its the correct slot it will work. a simple google search would have got you this answer ffs...
  7. No Its not like that look what i have
    GA EP45-DS4P DDR2
    VGA XFX 9800 GTX DDR3
    and it is working perfect so dont worry.
  8. thanks guys... but anyways do you know whats the best cpu for a gammer ?
  9. It depends on the budget, which games, what motherboard you have, etc. There is no one best.

    Oh, and if you don't have the motherboard yet, why get that one? Get an Intel board instead, such as a good one with a P45 chipset.
  10. can i use a amd athlon 64 400+ on a intell chipset ?
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