2nd router DSL thru a different phone jack?

Hi everyone, I just moved with some roomates who have ATT dsl internet, the 2wire modem/router is at one of their rooms. I used to be an ATT dsl customer and have a spare 2wire router with me. I am sharing their internet acct. for wireless internet, but I have a Voip phone that I need to connect directly into a router.

How can I connect my spare router in my room, using the same internet connection so that I can use it with my voip phone? I have a phone jack that I can use here, and they will not allow their router to be in my room so that I can plug it to my phone (can't understand why). Are there any other suggestions that you may have? Thanks!
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  1. What's the model of your 2wire? Does it support VOIP?

    Is your VOIP phone USB? Or is it connected through a VOIP adapter that's hooked to a router?

    I have set up a 2wire modem as a wireless access point for 802.11b/g. It's hooked to a draft-n router which is dedicated to draft-n. Works like a champ.
  2. the 2wire model is 2701HG-B which I believe is the standard ATT dsl modem/router. My voip phone connects directly to the router through a WAN cable. It does have a usb port but that is used for data storage and transfer.

    what I would like to do is to share the internet connection between the 2 routers without having to physically connect them, just plugging my router into another phone jack in the same household (in my room) and then plugging my voip phone in there.
  3. You can't share one PPPoE connection with 2 routers. They would be fighting over who is authenticated and who has Internet access. You need to plug your voip phone directly into the 2wire router that is currently connected or buy a switch that you can connect to the 2wire router and setup the switch in your room with your voip phone plugged in.
  4. Wirelessly, guaranteed to work. Wired, not sure since I don't have exp in that. Here's how I do it:

    Reset 2wire by sticking a paperclip in reset hole in the back for 30 secs, hook #1 port to your pc with a network cable.

    On Windows, Start > Network Connections > and right click on Local Area Connection and go to Properties

    Double-click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Select auto or use the following IP address:

    Wait a min or restart pc, in web browser, go to

    If that doesn't load, click start, run, cmd, type:


    Copy & paste the gateway address to web browser.

    Click home network, adv settings, configure manually:

    Clear both enable boxes for public & bridge, save. Go to firewall tab, check all in/out-bound control, save, go back, clear all attack detection, save.

    Go to broadband link, adv settings, DSL = AUTO, ATM CI VPI = 0, VCI = 35, ATM ENcapsulation = bridged LLC, ATM PVC = disabled, save.

    Unhook your pc from router, hook it back to his router. Any port from his & port #1 in yours.

    That's it. However, your roommate's router may have a different set of #'s. They're in the status pop-up in networking. Or on his pc, you can start, run, cmd


    That'll tell you his IP, netmask & gateway. You use the same except the IP on your router. i.e.

    In this case, you use:

    instead of my #'s. Once you do this on your router, your router becomes an access point. You can set up wireless and use any pc/device to connect to your router, then his, and finally the ISP.
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