Laptop won't boot-up at all! Deleted Operating System?

I was using a program to clean my registry and other files and I accidentally deleted the operating syste?!! I think?

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro w/ windows xp and intel whatever.

When I turn on it does as usual and looks like its loading Windows, then I hear a loud beep and its just a blank screen.

The noise gets louder each time I turn it on and off and try it again. It sounds like my computer is about to explode.

Screen says some of this in this order:

Intel Pre-boot environment
media test failure
windows xp screen,
a lot of noise
then the beep.
If I boot it in a different order, I just get "no operating system , please connect to (something, forgot word) or insert the disk"

Hope this males sense to someone. I didn't explain it that well I guess.

I will put pics here in a minute to help.
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  1. First thing to check with a laptop is always whether it is over heating. Many laptops will admit a beep when overheating and then shut down. Prop the laptop up about 3 inches and have any household fan blowing towards the rear of the laptop while you try again. If that does not fix the problem, then yes windows is likely corrupted and you must run a repair. To do this insert the windows disk or recovery disk into the machine and continuously press any button such as [space] to get into the disk loading screen where you should follow the directions until you get to the point where you can hit repair. Have the disk scan your operating systems for errors and hopefully fix them. Since this rarely works you might then need to reinstall windows.
  2. Wow! Good info. You know it was actually running hot the other day and I forgot. Why does it do that? I;m on mine 24/7, does tme matter?

    Anyway, I will try the fan thing. I think it may be both problems?

    Where could i get an instillation cd? Can I download one on another comp and copy to a disk?

    Thank you soooo much!
  3. CAn I download a recovery disk. Or do I need to go buy a new one...?

    Hit download and then find your model. The recovery disk might be able to be downloaded, I'm not sure. Dell allows you to just download, but HP makes you send for it in the mail.
  5. Hi is anyone still here? I may need to make a new post. I finally got the recovery cd (or cds) I am on like the third step and it says please select a recovery method..

    I havent backed anything up, but got to do this nayways. What is my best bet?

    1.REcover out of box state
    2. recover using all HDD space(no HDD partition)
    3.REcover w out changing hard drive
    4.REcover to a custom size partition?

    This all makes no sense to me
  6. try option #3 first, this option preserves you files.
  7. caniba said:
    try option #3 first, this option preserves you files.

    Thank you!
  8. I tried option 3 and it deleted everything due to an error.
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