Dual vs quad for watching blu-ray

i'm looking at buying a new laptop with blu-ray player. here are the options:

1) Intel 2.0ghz quad core w/ 512 dedicated graphics memory
2) Intel 2.8ghz dual core w/ 1gb dedicated grahics memory

I dont play any games, i just want to watch blu-ray movies FLAWLESSLY and maybe hook it up to a tv once in a while.

any help will be grately appreciated. thanks!

money isnt really an issue. i just want the best performace.
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  1. All you need is a video card that has either NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD Technology for Nvidia or ATI Avivo™ HD Video and Display Platform for ATI.

    What I am trying to say is that nowadays the Video card does most of the processing for HD video playback.
  2. If I remember correctly even the AMD Sempron provides smooth blue ray playback with a good video card. (Single core in case you didn't know)

    Dedicated Video Memory isn't important comparing 512mb vs 1024mb, which video chipsets are these? It sounds like the duel core is probably the better choice though for what you do, you'll see more overall performance with a higher clock speed in your computer.
  3. Blu-ray playback is easy on a system. If you want FLAWLESSLY then get a PS3 or dedicated player. As long as PowerDVD is the only way to watch Blu-rays on a PC then your going to have to live with a few difficulties.
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