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Background info:
The server at my work failed over the weekend. Specifically the PSU malfunctioned. The computer was not POSTing and I was getting a FF error code immediately on bootup. Reading reports online I found the common root cause a faulty bios. I tried flashing the bios with no success. Next I tried replacing the PSU and the server thankfully started up, all other components in working order.
All is good? Not quite.
The issue:
I know the computer had some form of data backup. Unfortunately I don't know what it consisted of, the computer system was not setup by me. The backups are fairly vital to this business, since the computer technology is fairly old and quite error prone. There are two identical drives that I am thinking might have been in a RAID 1 setup. Unfortunately I unnecessarily flashed the BIOS, and the BIOS setup is gone.
The question:
Is there any way to determine the if the drives were in an array, and if they were, how would I go about restoring that?
Any help regarding this would be appreciated. I am not an IT person, I am the delivery guy that just happens to be the most technologically fluent here.
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  1. resetting the bios would not affect a raid array, raid arrays are run at the software level (there are exceptions). go to my computer do you see both drives there, if so you don't have a raid setup

    a raid array is not a suitable backup for a business, most businesses backup to an offsite location
  2. For starters, I really appreciate your responses. Thanks.

    There are RAID options in the BIOS... but they are all set to disabled by defualt.
    There is no RAID software that I can see installed inside Windows (XP SP2 btw).
    There is some backup software (Genie-Soft), that after perusing through I have come to the conclusion it is not cloning the drive, it backs up one folder onto the same drive("C:\QDSTM" and "C:\QDSTM Backup").

    Disk manager (diskmgmt.msc) did not show the two drives as redundant, but I am not exactly sure where I would see that at. They are however both visible.
    The reason I thought they were in RAID was for the fact that I didn't see any backup software setup (for a full disk copy), yet the two disks are from what I can tell identical in the data (on the second drive I can see files modified up to the day of the server crash). The second drive has a \Windows, \Documents and Settings, \Program Files, etc etc
    However there is a slight difference in how full the drives are by a relatively small amount (12.6GB on C, and 12.4GB on E). The server went down Saturday, and I am linking this size mismatch to the fact that the second drive hasn't been ghosting for the past 3 days.

    As far as this business, its fairly small, there are no offsite backups. This second drive looks like it is the backup.

    Maybe I am missing something or just stuck on the idea of the drives being in RAID. Any ideas on what form of backup there was? Is there a Windows service that can clone a whole drive that I never knew about? Contacting a professional would be the last resort, and I'd rather have done all in my power first.
  3. I would start by contacting Genie-Soft

    it's possible the drives were mirrored (raid 1) but unless I'm mistaken you wouldn't be able to read them without going through the raid controller, which you said is turned off.
  4. I have completed my research regarding that Genie-Soft. It was not setup for duplicating the drive.
    505090, you are saying its not possible for the drives to have been in RAID?

    Aside from sending it to computer expert, I think I will just try and put the two drives into RAID 1. Whatever the backup used to be, now it will be RAID 1. And I feel having a cloned server drive should be an adequate backup solution.
    Thanks for all your help everyone. Hopefully this goes well.
  5. if they where setup in a raid array they would have to be read by the same raid controller. so if you can read them without going through a controller then no they were not in raid.

    make sure you backup the drives before you try to build the array
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