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Hey everyone, i built a new computer and just wanted to get some opinions.

I wouldn't say i'm a sound enthusiast but when it comes to sound in games and music, it must sound great.
I love music and sound effects and stuff in games. So my question is. What should i get?

I have a Gigabyte Ga-p45-ud3r motherboard with onboard sound, Realtek HD

but i also have some sound cards laying around from old computers which are as follows.

Sound Blaster Audigy 2

Sound Blaster Auidgy 2 ZS

Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic 7.1

I will only be using 2 speakers, so the amount they can handle is no use for me. 2.1 is all i need.

if you could rate each one of these from least to greatest. What would u rate them?

Like i said, i love to listen to music, and i love the sound quality in video games. If one of these sound cards supports something or is better than my onboard audio, i would rather use that.

thanks for reading
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  1. The integrated sound will do perfectly fine, but the X-Fi might have an edge if you decide to drop those PC speakers and get some real speakers.
  2. i got logitech 5.1 speakers, though im only using 2 speakers and the subwoofer. So i won't really get any better quality or anything with the cards? or because they are older the onboard is better anyway?
  3. For your speakers, the onboard sound will be more than enough.
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