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Hi, i was running XP, i've got 2 hard drives 1st one which is 500GB SATA, 2nd is 80GB IDE i think its called. Well i upgraded to vista on the 500GB HD, but now the 2nd HD doesnt show up. Its shows up on my BIOS fine and when i go to computer management its there (disk 1, basic) but it says Unallocated. Is there any way to make it show up on my PC without have to erase everything on there, thank you.
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  1. Open the start menu, click on Run. Enter "compmgmt.msc" and press okay. Go to disk management. From there, can you see the IDE drive? If so, you might be able to right click and "change drive letter and paths". If you can get to this point, select a drive letter for your drive and hopefully it'll show in my computer.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Hi ive tried the hard drive on another computer but it still doesnt work, tried it on a XP computer aswell but still says unallocated, im guessing the partition has been deleted by accident how can i get it back? if its even possible? thanks
  3. Hi,

    You might got some problem with the master boot record and maybe the partition table is gone too. And that's why you see your partition as unallocated space. You partition is lost.

    To retrieve lost data, here is some tutorial for you http://www.icare-recovery.com/partition-recovery.html

    Advice: not touch the drive which is wrong until you restore the files.

    After that, you may go to "Disk management" to create partitions.
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