SLI crashes all games


I installed a second evga 9800gtx in my pc about three days ago.
Everything went smooth drivers installed fine when i rebooted vista it showed the sli bubble and i could enable it in the nvidia preference.
After i did that the most games crash in the first 5 sec of loading (gta4 nfsu),
wow and l4d are running fine for hours but im not sure that they using sli.
i tried both cards in the first slot as single gpu's and they work fine as soon as i add the second card with or without the sli bridge the games don't load.

thanks for any help i tiry to find a solution for the last 2 days
my system

evga 750i ftw
q9450 no oc
2x 9800gtx
vista 64bit
8gigs of ddr2 ram
ultra lsp 650 pro
2 dvd drives
2 1tb hdd
and all that in a tempest gaming case with all the fans
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  1. what drivers exactly are you using? try 175/177, 178 and then 180 WHQL ONLY drivers, cleaning them off with driversweeper if they don't work.

    also make sure the temps are fine, and the clocks of both cards are the same (or is that automatic)

    if you origianlly had a SSC or FTW and you added a normal unoverlocked one, the second unoc'd might not be able to reach those clocks and therefore make instability.

    try switching the two cards around... stick the one you just bought in slot 1 and the old one in slot 2.

    thats all i can think of atm
  2. i will try the drivers tomorrow
    for know i have the 180.84 driver since it was recommended for gta 4

    temps are fine even when i put the fans at 100% and just started the pc so its "cold" it wont work

    clocks are the same and i tried switching them around did not make any difference.
    both are exactly the same gpu same company same clock same model

  3. i would say try the card in slot 1 by its own, then swap it out for the second card in slot one. one of those cards might be DOA
  4. yeah like i sad before i tried both cards alone and they work fine but as soon as i put the second one in all games crash
    it does not matter if i do old new or new old combination
  5. If you can, monitor your motherboard voltages and look for any dips. Your setup may be pushing the limits of your 650 watt PSU. Once both those cards come out of 2D downclocked mode and spin up to start handling 3D it may be exceeding the capacity of your PSU. Another issue that may be present is if your graphics cards are not from the same vendor or they are but both cards have different firmware. A good general rule to follow with SLI is if your gonna use two cards buy them at the same time.I know it was supposed to also be a buy now upgrade/add later type option for GPU's but that isn't accurate. Many problems can come up if your not using 2 identical (brand,firmware) GPU's.
  6. k with the psu if that would be the problem should my whole pc crash and restart? because now only the game does pc runs fine
    and like i sad in my first post left4dead runs fine for hours which also takes up a lot of gpu perfomance right?
    is there anything i can test if one card is faster then two?
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