How to determine the maximum capacity hard drive allowed for your laptop

I want to upgrade my laptop hard drives but I am not sure how to determine whether or not they are equipped to handle a 500 gb hard drive with 7200 rpm speed. Here are the model numbers Toshiba Satellite L305-S5917, and Acer Aspire 4315-2004. Any information would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Instead of spindle speed, you should be thinking of the form factor and the interface.. Laptop hard diska are generally with 2.5" form factor.. You can definitely upgrade the hard disk capacity but keep in mind, higher spindle speeds would result in higher temperatures and lower battery backup..
  2. emperus is correct.

    as long as it is the correct size and interface (SATA or IDE) the storage size should not matter. a 7000 Rpm drive does put out more heat and use more battery, but its not a massive difference to worry about. just something to take into consideration.
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