Asus P5VD2-MX Se.. need info on memory.

So, my friend has a Asus P5VD2-MX SE board.. and uses it primarily for gaming. He has 1GB of RAM and we are looking to upgrade to two. Since apparently that's the max amount. We either want two new sticks or one depending on what's up with the kind of ram you can purchase for it. It says 533-Unbuffered but unfortunately I have no idea which is which when shopping. We wanted to try to go for a performance ram that has better timings.
Anyways this is the mother board:

Here was what I was looking at.

See, I have no idea about unbuffered ram or whatever.. I guess it's 200 pin? Any one who could help me by answering my question or also linking me to good ram to purchase. I would be most happy.. trying to get this ordered by tonight. Thanks a bunch!
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  1. Your second link is for laptop memory. That motherboard requires standard DDR2 533 MHz memory. You should buy memory on the QVL as you would be fairly sure that it will work properly and you won't order laptop RAM for a desktop. Just order the fastest memory on the QVL.
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