new build let me know what you think

my budget can be anywhere from 800 to 1150, id like to keep it on the lower spectrum thou. If you dont like the parts I chose then feel free to change it with something you like better, but itd be appreciated if you told me why you think their better.
Thanks for looking.

cpu - e8400

graphics - dont care wether its nvidia or radeon ill be running it at 1680 x 1050 on a 22in monitor which I already have
- hd4850 (512 or 1gig model)
- hd4870 (512 or 1gig model)
- gtx 260

psu - was probably going to get the corsair 750 because its only 70 dollars

mobo - I really have no idea what board to get

ram - not a big fan of g-skill so please dont recommend it

case - already bought a antec 900 and got it for 40 bucks

hdd - cant decide seagate or western digitial
my only criteria for this is that it must be over 500 gigs and preferably a 32mb cache

keyboard and mouse - could someone please tell me a good wireless keyboard and mouse combo but I want the mouse to have some weight to it, I hate those super light weight ones ( I also have a good corded mouse for gaming)

some input would be greatly appreciated

***I will not be overclocking anything until it starts to get to slow for current games, at stock settings I want these parts to be able to run new games such as fallout 3, left 4 dead, starcraft 2 and whatever else is coming out.
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  1. anyone got any input?
  2. Go with the mushkin ram, UD3R mobo if you don't plan on running multiple cards in the future otherwise go with P5Q Pro, and a 1gb 4870. The PSU is fine.

    Either hard drive manufacture is good so its your choice as to which you want to go with.

    As far as wireless keyboard and mouse; if you plan on gaming, stick with wired. Best option is to go to a local electronics store and get a feel for the mouse before you buy one.
  3. is there a specific 4870 you would go with and can you tell me why you like the ud3r over the p5q

  4. ASUS makes a quality 4870.

    As for as the motherboards, they both are quality boards. If you do plan on ordering from Newegg though, go with the P5Q Pro as there is a $30 discount when bundled with the E8400.
  5. i do plan on ordering from newegg and thnks for the heads up, I didnt even see that combo
  6. anyone else have input?
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