SATA interface with Raid array

This is an easy question, I just want to get it out of the way...

Considering the SATA interface of a raid array of a number of drives, is the maximum speed of the array capped by the transfer speed of a single SATA (1, 2 or 3) connector or is this “cap” = (number of drives) x (transfer speed of interface)? … or is it somewhere in between?

Suppose you have a RAID0 array of two Intel SSD's who's r/w is 250/70, will a SATA 2 interface (300Mb/s), not create a bottleneck? (I am thinking the "burst speed" might be slowed down, but I'm not sure how burst speed compares with SSDs)

Is it necessary to switch to SATA 3 for the SSD I mentioned? Is it necessary to switch to SATA 3 for SSDs in raid in general?

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    Nope, you get the total bandwidth of the 2 channels combined. You're good. Switching to SATA 3 for SATA2 SSDs will not give you any more bandwidth.
  2. The issue would be if you had say an external array connected to a single sata/esata port via port multiplier, you could hit a bottleneck.
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