9800GTX+ Problem

I have a 9800gtx+ that only came with 1 6-pin power adapter yet the card requires 2. Do i need to buy another power adapter? I have a 6-pin plug coming from the PSU itself, if I plug that in, will that be OK?

I have a CoolerMaster eXtreme Power 550W PSU.
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  1. hi my friend
    as i know ur VGA neeed 450w for it self now imaging ur motherboard need power
    ur cd/dvd rom
    hard drive
    fans ..
    so 550 is not enough u need at least 780wat i have 9800gtx black edition
    and my power have exact kind of pic for my VGA because it designed for these things
  2. Yeah, 1 6pin socket use the PSU 6 pin PCIE connector, another will use the adapter that require 2 molex.

    It should work just fine

    450W minimum requirement is the entire system tested with a Core 2Duo CPU, not for the graphic card only

    I run my 9800GTX+ on a 450W, it work just fine
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