Help in Ocing a HIS 4850 iceq Turbo

I had the card for about a year now and i am looking into overclocking it.
This is the card just for reference:
The GPU now is at 650 while the memory is at 1000.
I never had to deal with overclocking but if i can get some help it would be great.
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  1. Use MSI Afterburner :

    Don't go over 700 on the core / 1050 on the memory

    You will need to raise the voltage if you want anything higher than the above, BUT you also have to monitor your temps, create a profile for you fan and make sure the card is getting plenty airflow from your intakes.

    Anything over 700/1050 is AT YOUR OWN RISK =)
  2. Well i always have the fan at 50 and when its something intensive i put it up higher. as for Msi after burner, is it going to interfere with Catalyst.
    Also i do have a question about my card, when its on full load is 69°C fine for a temperature?
  3. 69c is fine and no MSI Afterburner does not interfere with Catalyst.

    Example :

    1.Open Afterburner, click on "settings".

    2.Open fan profile, choose your curve, press ok :

    3. Use the bars to slide the clocks.

    4. Press "Apply" and you are done.

    In games your card should not go over 60, when stressed with kombuster/furmark it should be in the 70's at most
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