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A lot of help needed....I want to build a budget gaming desktop thats decent and upgradeable. I've read a lot on the forums and am still kinda clueless. Price i would like to keep around 600 usd. I mainly play Warcraft but want to get into other games that require more. First question i have is on the cpu and mobo, is this a good combo Intel DG43NB Socket 775 Motherboard - Intel C2D E8400 3.0GHz. Or is there another mobo cpu u would get at the price or cheaper (265 USD)

The hard drive I am looking at is the Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1TB Hard Drive - 7200RPM, 32MB, SATA-300, OEM. Probably gonna step down to the 500 for the price difference and the fact i dont believe i will need that much. (1 TB- 100 USD and 500- 65 USD)

Graphics card, I really like the geforce 8800 gt but again not sure if it is th best pick for what i am doing. To be honest i am nor sure what sli ready is but i will do some research to figure it out.

Ram I believe on the mobo i picked there are 2 slots and i wanna go with 2 x 2048 not sure what brand, duel channel or single..not sure of the benefits. I was looking at Corsair.

Case really doesen't matter as long as it keep everything cool.

Power supply I was thinking around 500-600 should be more then enough, again i have no clue what brand.

I don't plan on over clocking, but i wouldn't mind a moderate over clock. Main reason for not over clocking is because I don't know how and didn't want to mess with stuff I didn't know. Thx for all the help in advance..
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  1. Also is it worth it to go to ddr3 vs ddr2 ?
  2. Get a Asus P45 Motherboard instead of Intel.
    Get a Western Digital 640 over the seagate, Seagat is having lots of DOA or soon to be DOA drives.

    4850 would be a better video card.

    Any ram but try to get some with 1.8v so you dont have initial boot issues.

    I like antec power supplies for your kind of build.

    Get a Asus P5Q pro, and I will help you OC it to 4.0, but buy a xigmatek s1283 cooler for it.

    DDr3 is not worth it on core 2 duo.
  3. Thx for info roadrunner, another question i have is what is a good site to look at to get a custom desktop built? I am worried about building my own setup because of downloading all the drivers...So any suggestions for site would be great. Also I favor the Intel / nevida geforce setup..whats peoples thoughts on amd? I know its a little cheaper then Intel..If I go this way I am thinking about the Athlon X2 6000 Duel Core..any advice is greatly welcomed and thx in advance
  4. CPU - $83 e5200, OC's to almost 4 gHz!!
    Mobo - $120 - $20 MIR Gigabyte p45 mobo, currently OOS, but can get a different one
    RAM - $50 4gb's DDR2 800 mHz is all that you really need. Runs at stock 1.8 or 1.9v!!
    HD - $70 WD 640 gb's HD AAKS version
    Case - $54 Antec 300 (saving $ here to allow other parts to be bought)
    PSU - $50 Antec 500w Earthwatts PSU, 34A on the combined 12v rails, >80% efficient!
    GPU - $170 - $20 MIR = $150! 4850 512mb version would be a good selection.
    OS - $80 Home Premium 64 bit
    DVD Burner - ~$30 Just remember to get a RETAIL version, so you get the software to read/burn DVD's!

    Total ~$700 - $40 MIR's = ~$660!! Could adjust the GPU some, depending on what you want to do. I probably wouldn't go below a 4670, 4830, 9600gso/gt, 9800gt, if you going to be any higher end games. It's going to depend on what your resolution that you'd be playing at and what games your going to be running. Also included in the price is the OS, so if you already have an OS to put on the new system, you can subtract the $80 from the price, which will put you at $620 - $40 MIR = $580!!

    Tom's Hardware build of e5200 OC'd to about 4 gHz w/4850 GPU
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