Choppy/Grainy HD Streaming Video?

I am trying to watch Heroes tv show at The picture looks so HDish, but the actors and pictures move choppy. I wonder if that's because of my computer or this website giving bad quality. Can you please watch this movie for a few seconds and tell me if you still see choppy?

I need to know before I decide to shell out of my wallet more for upgrading my PC. Also, all of the HD shows on look so horribly grainy - like an old standard TV.

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  1. It plays fine on my rig.
  2. What do you mean it plays fine? It sounds like you are fine with the choppy pictures
  3. That's it?
  4. Wow, I sense most of you people read here must have **** HD quality - thus they can't help me out.
  5. No most people reading your post probably think you're a tool who doesn't know hardware or HD from a hole in the ground (oooh the awesome quality of compressed net video [:thegreatgrapeape:5] makes me want to get rid of my HD/BR player and HD Sat&Cable ).
    Probably also explains why you can't figure out that it may play just fine on someone else's updated rig (like roadrunner), and the problem exists on your end with your admittedly outdated rig, but you're being too much of a knob to fix your defects.

    Simple answer, just like those who should stick to consoles instead of gaming rigs, you should go out and buy a cable/satelite box and stop using the internet (both for watching TV and bothering others). [:thegreatgrapeape:6]
  6. Thanks you making that clear ape. I'd like to know your specs assassin.
  7. cyber_jockey said:
    Thanks you making that clear ape. I'd like to know your specs assassin.

    Pentium 4 3.0GHZ
    1gb RAM
    128mb VRAM

    I may forget something else, but you can ask what I am missing.
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