'Upgrade' from EP45-UD3R to DX48BT2?

Hi all,

I have the following setup:
QX9650 - Basic overclock to 3.6Ghz, 400 x 9 @ 1.248V (x10 multiplier not stable up to 1.408 Vcore so settled for x9)
4GB DDR2 800 with 4-4-4-12 timings @ 1.9v
on a Gigabyte EP45-UD3R motherboard

Watercooling loop:
XSPC Laing/Swiftec DDC-Pump 12V Ultra(18w) Acrylic Reservoir
>>> TFC Xchanger Double Radiator 240
>>> Swiftech Apogee GTZ
>>> Back to Res

Wrapped up in an Antec 900 with the radiator mounted behind the 2 front intake fans.

Ambient Temperature: 21degC

@ idle
core #0 35
core #1 35
core #2 40
core #3 32

Prime95 SmallFFTs for 12 hours
core #0 48
core #1 48
core #2 52
core #3 44

I also have:
Q9400 - Stock speed + voltage
4GB DDR3 1333 with 9-9-9-24 @ 1.5v
on an Intel DX48BT2 motherboard

What i'm wondering is that if i would be better running the QX9650 on the DX48BT2 mb?

At the moment i'm only running an ATI 4870 on QX9650 system but i am looking at gfx upgrade options. The DX48BT2 would give me the SLI/Crossfire option in the future, just not sure the change of mb would be worth it.

I've considered the fact that the DDR3 ram isn't great, might really need to push it to hit 1600Mhz. Will probably test dropping the Q9400 multi to 6 and push the fsb to see where it dies a death, but then i also have to remember the QX9650 has an unlocked multi and IF i could achieve a similar overclock at the same voltage level on the DX48BT2, keeping fsb@333 and running an x11(3.6Ghz) or x12(3.996Ghz).

Any advice or suggestions welcome, before i start ripping systems apart!!

Many thanks,
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  1. Idk much about o/c Core 2 systems, but, Intel DX48BT2 doesn't support SLI - only CFX, but looking at nVidia's current selection right now, well, CFX is probably all you need. Also, why bother shelling out for DDR3 RAM if DDR2 RAM is good enough (I'm supposing). As for overclockability and FSB... :ange:, hopefully someone who's had Core 2 o/c experience will come post...
  2. That Giga board is a good board. I ran my Q9400 on that board to 3.8 without failures, I don't know how far it would actually go.
  3. Thanks for the replies folks.

    Crossfire is definitely the way i'm looking to go, been converted since the 4800 series to ATI. And definitely loving the look of the 5800 series.

    I guess from that point of view, and given that 2 x 5850/5870 are faster than a single 5970, i'm wondering if i should look at crossfire option.

    I'm just hoping someone can give me some definitive advice on which board is best for running the overclock on the QX9650.

    I'm looking at taking a weekend to strip the two systems apart and rebuild with the QX9650 in the DX48BT2 board, then obviously test which solution will equate to the 'best' overclock. Overclocking from the point of view of 3.6Ghz to 4Ghz at lowest vcore possible.

    Heck i'm not even considering an i7 build at present, with most games released at the moment being console ports, the HW requirements just don't justify the upgrade. Bring back the old days of games being released that NEED 18 months more up to date hardware... Also need to wait for DX11 to become mainstream too, i'm hoping that will turn round the pc gaming market again. Well, at least until next gen xbox/ps.

    Many thanks,
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