What drive should I choose?

I’m in the market for an SSD boot drive + application + game storage. My budget is about $500. I am looking to maximize drive size with hopefully at least 200Gb of space. It’s clear that whatever I choose will likely be an array of 2 or more drives since the 256Gb SSDs are over budget. I also want the array – whatever it turns out to be – to meet or exceed the performance of the best single 160-256Gb SSDs on the market. Is this possible? If yes, what drives should I choose?

This question isn't technical. I'm just looking for advice from people with experience.
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  1. 4 conventional drives in RAID 0 will definitely outperform a single SSD.. However, you can setup two 128 GB SSD's in RAID 0 and add a single large conventional hard drive.. THe SSD i am pointing to is

    You can add this as the single drive along with the two SSD's...
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    I personally like the intel ssd's.
    Be careful with RAID 0 and your important data.
    If one drive dies you loose all of your data and I have seen solid state drives kick the bucket before.

    I would store your data on a pair of seagate hard-drives mirrored with a highpoint mirror card and put the OS on a SSD drive since your goal is performance.

    You have valid points and a good suggestion but it does not answers the real query here which is to set up an array faster than the single fastest SSD available out there..
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    I beleive what you are thinking of is called "drive scaling."

    I read an article (online) that had 4 HDD in a RAID 0 array, and it was faster than an SSD. But they knew what to do, and I don't remember the name,type,size,gen of the SSD. I do know they had 4 small, fast HDD.

    Why would you want such a large size SSD? 80GB should be good, for an OS, and Program Files drive. Now, if you have A LOT of Games, maybe more?

    The trend these days is to get a SSD for just OS and Program Files (Office, etc.), and put all your "data & media" on a second HDD. The more use write to a SSD, the more "damaged" it becomes, but this is a whole other forum.

    1-Intel X25-M 80GB is well enough. 2-in RAID 0 will rock! I have 2-Intel X25-V 40GB in RAID 0, and after much communication within THG, I happy with my set up. I do loose some special features of SSD (TRIM), but there is a whole other post for that.

    Anyway RAID 0 is the "fastest" array. But tread lightly, if you don't know about RAID arrays. Do some research. Lots is in here!

    BTW: Most modern motherboards support RAID. A hardware RAID within the board is (usually) better than a software RAID. Else, there are add-on cards (PCIe) that support RAID. Even SATA III, 6.0Gbps. Yet a whole other post.
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