1394 Net Adapter

I am trying to connect to the internet using the 1394 net adapter through a LAN connection.
Windows XP installed the driver.
When I connect the cable from my modem to the port on my ABIT computer one green LED lights and one yellow LED flashes but it does not work. Am I doing something wrong or is my network adapter at fault? My Email address is lylstewart@yahoo.com.
Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Lyle Stewart
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  1. 1394 ie (IEEE 1394) A.K.A. Firewire. This is only meant for computer to computer connections. Shouldn't work connecting to any modems/etc. You need either USB or Ethernet to connect to most DSL/Cable modems.

    I could be wrong since I don't use any Firewire devices, but I'm fairly confidant.
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