Vista Home Premium 64 sharing problem

Hey guys, I don't actually know if this should go in the OS section but since it has to do with sharing, I figured I'd just post a new topic under networking.

The thing is, I'm trying to share several folders using the "Advanced Sharing" option under the sharing tab. Some of the folders are restricted to certain users, while most of them are free to be viewed and changed by everyone. All of the one's that are restricted are working fine. However, whenever changing the permissions from restricted to "Everyone" (I sometimes need to change the permissions so that more people can access the files), the folders still act restricted (even after a reboot).

This is only when I use the "Advanced Sharing" option. It works fine whenever I use the basic sharing function. But since the basic sharing function seems to put all the folders under "Users," I would like to use the advanced sharing option to choose the name of the share and make individual shares.

So I was hoping if anyone could help me unrestrict some of the shared folders that I already restricted because they don't seem to be working.

Thank You for the help
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