955 BE C3 on Stock HSF

I posted previously about heat issues I was having with an ARCTIC COOLER 7 92mm Rev.2 HSF

I was getting 40C Idle and 59C maxed, at 1.35vCore @ stock 3.2GHz

That made me sad.

I took the advice of some people on here and installed the Stock HSF, and I got pretty much the same numbers:

42C Idle and 57C maxed.

Well I upped my vCore to 1.4 and got the same numbers.

So I decided to see how high I could get w/ 1.4 vCore. Came out to 3.5GHz

So Ive been tinkering more, and now I'm getting a stable 3.8GHz with 1.45 vCore.

My temps: 38-40C Idle and 60C Max

This stock HSF is rocking the hell out of the aftermarket HSF.

Is it rare to get a 3.8GHz clock on stock cooling?

Also looking at buying an h50 tomorrow to see if I can make 4.0GHz. Will I need to tinker with more than my multiplier to get 4.0GHz stable?

Currently at 206 MHz x 18.5
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  1. What paste did you use? Pre-applied?

    Anyways the Freezer 7 is not considered "decent" for a quad core, some people manage 55c at 3.8Ghz. Not sure if its your airflow/cable management or maybe re-pasting/re-seating the cooler. As far as the H50 goes if you are up to spending 80.00$ then go ahead but you can buy a decent air cooler for much less. I have a 55.00$ cooler that keeps my x4 pretty cool. Temps are around 33c idle / 48c load at 4Ghz and I have a C2, the C3's run a bit cooler.
  2. Yeah I used to pre-applied paste. I have used some AS5 previously, but I was concerned that my application process was driving up my temps. So I installed the stock HSF with the applied paste.

    I have an Antec 1200 Case, with the 2 optional fans installed, so my airflow is just beastly.

    And yes, after I purchased the AC7 I saw some rumblings that it was compatible with AM3 but was poor on x4 CPUs.

    I'm just discouraged from buying another Air cooler when the last one I purchased lost to stock.

    For the record my process for applying AS5 was a small bead, spread out with a razor over the plate on the Heatsink. Just enough to have even coverage. I assume I did it right, but you never know.
  3. This is how I pasted my Freezer 64, used an old debit card to spread evenly :

    was getting 32c at LOAD with an x2 at 3.9Ghz
  4. OvrClkr said:
    This is how I pasted my Freezer 64, used an old debit card to spread evenly :



    was getting 32c at LOAD with an x2 at 3.9Ghz

    Mine looked very similar, with maybe a little thinner layer. I dont think enough to cause a huge difference.
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