SLI Power problem 9800gtx+

Okay I have one 9800gtx+, its XFX standard settings. I'm thinking about buying another one. It requires 2 6pin connectors. And my Power supply only supplies me with two, making there no chance for SLI, right or is there a connector that would allow me to do that?

Also does putting your cards in SLI increase the performance by much. Please give me a estimate, using percentage.

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  1. The lack of 6 pin connectors could be an issue, depending on other factors.

    1. What is the total 12v rail amperage of your power supply?

    2. Do you have any available 4 pin molex connectors? (If so, how many?)


    They now make 9800 gtx+'s that only require one 6 pin supplementary power connector. Thus, if you bought one of these, have 2 4 pin molex connectors available on your power supply, and have enough amperage on the 12v rail of the power supply, then you could SLI.

    Toms has charts for performance gains...,30.html

    With the answers to the above questions provided, someone else can give you a definitive yes or no.
  2. says you need 30Amps on your +12v rail(s) to run SLI 9800GTX/+
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