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Hey, I'm have an old Dell laptop from 2005, which is starting to feel pretty slow. And thought that putting a SSD in it could expand its lifetime a little. But is their anything which I should think of before trying? And would it actually help me? Since I'm kinda interested in this experiment in general I'm not gonna give you the specs of my laptop just say that it supports SATA150 and currently has an 4200rpm HDD.
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  1. SATA150 would be the limiter.

    But a SSD should still work, and definetly faster (like zoom) than a 4200rpm HDD! Most all newer hard drives are backwards compatible.
  2. RTFM: you may need to add a jumper,
    particularly if the factory default is 300 MB/second.

    "RTFM" = Read The Fine Manual (not always "Fine" however :)

  3. SATA150 shouldn't be a very big issue because the big benefit of an SSD is it's very fast access time, not it's transfer rate. You'll still get almost all of the performance improvement for tasks like booting and starting applications even if the transfer rate is cut down a bit.
  4. Thank you guys very much!

    I'm hoping that my old laptop, with a new SSD and WIN XP installed, will be able to battle a new(ish) laptop with 'crappy' Vista 8-P

    Any of you read or heard of a test like this? I would like to see some benchmarks :)

    Thanks again
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