Best air cooler for phenom 9950 BE on the market

Hi, I am thinking of buying a second gtx 260 in SLI, but from what i've read should probably overclock my phenom 9950BE a little to make this worthwhile.

In that case I am thinking of also buying a better air cooler (on stock at the mo). What is the best air cooler (heatsink and fan) on the market for my cpu? I don't really have a budget, just wondering how much money i would need for the best available.

The Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme has been recommended elsewhere, is this still the best? Also when looking to buy it does not come with a fan, what would be the best fan to get with this?

I have a antec 300 case, and if anyone has this case have you had any issues with space? And also perhaps a fan that can be set to blow to the top of case would be ideal, as i have an exhaust fan there.

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  1. Here's a link to a web page with info about cpu heatsink coolers:
  2. cheers, thats perfect.

    Just wondering if the coolers with the fans to the side can only be mounted one way round, or whether i can choose which way to point the fan? i.e i would like it blowing to the top of the case as I have an exhaust fan there.

    thanks again
  3. That's a good question. My cpu heatsink was designed with airflow from front to back. I think that is the most common fan orientation. I know adapters are available for a few heatsinks so that airflow is bottom to top of case. You'll probably have to read technical reviews of the heatsink you are interested in. You could also try the manufacturer's web site.
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