Do i need to update my bios?


I have an asus p5kpl am ps,a new bios update is available for my mobo in the asus site ,Should i update?,Now i dont have any problems with my mobo and current bios!
What should i do?Is there any perfomanc increase aftr hthe bios upgrade?

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  1. Is not necesary if everything goes ok. Somethimes is necesary to update but not everytime. Dpends on you.
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    There will ne performance increase. BIOS updates are released when newer hardware such as CPUs come out years after the motherboard's release.

    It is generally not recommended if you';re system is running fine, especially if you are not adding new hardware.

    There's also always a risk when updating BIOS such as a power outage or file error and if the BIOS ROM chip can't recover itself, you'll have to semd the motherboard back if under warranty.
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