Question on mirroring 2 SSD's

I have been reading that using RAID with SSD's I will only be able to use half the drive if I still want adequate performance and reliability. It makes sense to me that would be the case if I was using more than 2 drives, but I am only using 1 drive with a mirrored backup. Am I correct that I will not have any problems in only mirroring 1 drive.
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  1. Yes, you can "mirror" (RAID 1) 2 SSDs.

    But, you'll loose TRIM, as you will still have SSDs in an array, albeit RAID 0, 1, 5, or 10.

    You should be able to use 80-85% of the drive(s), leaving the rest for "disk optimization" since you won't be able to use TRIM. It'll probably still be there, but TRIM doen't work on SSDs in an array. Much of this information is in the forums. Just look for "TRIM' and "RAID."

    If you want an expert, try contacting "sub mesa" or "sminlal." These guys know what they are taking about!
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