Foxconn Mars and C2Q 45nms

Hi there,

I'm about to purchase a Foxconn mars mobo, and I'm still unsure whether it's going to work with my CPU or not,
I have a Q8200 2.33ghz 45nm, I know Foxconn's website says this mobo supports C2Q and 45nm, but
the EVGA 680i sli said that too and it won't work with my CPU.

I just want to be sure I can use it before buying it.
tried to google an answer but no luck, so I'm asking here :)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. If you haven't ordered the foxconn board, I would check out other brands if you can't locate a cpu support section for foxconn. Even ecs website is easier to use. Asus, gigabyte, and msi have the best websites for bios updates and other information. There's nothing wrong with foxconn boards; their quality and longevity is about average. But I like to be able to get info when needed without having to ask others or email support.
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