Give ur Opinion on My GAming PC

Gonna OC the CPU to 3Ghz

Hoping for at least 25 FPS Average in Crysis

If I missed anything feel free to speak up and say so

Speak your opinion and why you think that way!
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  1. Can't see what you've linked. Can you please list out what you have listed and include each individual link too (if you can)??
  2. A tad on the expensive side. I would try and build a i7 rig if your gonna spend $1300.

    Heres one I slapped together that you could easily shave a few $100 off.
  3. Budget is only 1500
  4. And that has to include monitor
  5. * Velociraptor HD is a bit spendy. I'd rather have 2 x 1 TB HD's for less than 1 300 gb Velociraptor HD, but that is just me. Even a 640 gb AAKS WD HD is almost as fast as the VR HD and is only $70!! I'd rather take the $150 savings and put it into a better GPU, like the 4870!!
    * I'd rather have the Xigmatek s1283 CPU HSF w/retention bracket over the Zalman 9500a that you have selected. It performs better and is about the same cost too!
    * CM PSU is okay. Things I don't like are that it only comes w/2 x 6 pin PCI-e power connectors. It does have 45A on the 12v rails and is >80% efficient though. I'd prefer the Corsair 650tx, which has 52A on the 12v rail and comes with 2 x 6+2 pin PCI-e power connectors. The 8 pin (6+2pin) PCI-e power connectors are going to become standard soon, since most of the higher end GPU's now have at least 1 of them.
    * The Case is too expensive for my liking. It has $29 shipping, if bought by itself!! I'd much rather have a more manageable case that does the job well and is much cheaper. The Cooler Master 690 case is one of them that I'd consider. It's $83 shipped!!
    Cooler Master 690 without Power Supply
    Newegg's link to the CM 690 case, which has more details than the link!
  6. I would really consider an i7...just because they are the new thing and will be upgradable, whereas 775 will not...
  7. I would still consider the s775 setup. It'll cost you less and in 2-3 years when you upgrade, you'll still probably need to upgrade the mobo too. So don't think that the i7 is the best buy to get right now. Maybe in 6 months it'll make more sense when the prices of mobo's, DDR3, and the CPU's come down to acceptable levels.
  8. Add a monitor to my second link, and you should be golden. Im sure you can get by on a old mouse and keyboard til xmas.
  9. If you buy i7 now you wont need a upgrade in 2-3 years, as it is probably atleast 2 years ahead of most software already.

    People that think i7 setups are to much are nuts.

    The i7 920 is less the the q9550.
    a x58 mobo is the same as a 790i or x48 and you can run sli or xfire.
    ddr3 is about the same as high end ddr2????????
    What gives?????????????????
  10. i7 920 is $295 - q6600 $190 (OC to 3-3.6 ghz)
    x58 mobo ~$220-400 - p45 mobo ($100-150)
    DDR3 4gb packs ~$115-400 - $45-100 or so
    so for CPU/mobo/4 gb's DDR3 your already at $625 or so ($350 for q6600 setup), unless you get better DDR3 than the CAS9 stuff! Yeah it's spendy compared to s775 stuff, so I'm not sure where the beef is. $300 is quite a bit of savings over the i7 build. Most people would rather save the $300 and use it for other better parts. IDK, but I don't have an extra $300 these days. The economy is in the tank and I know I've lost 15-20% of my pay over the last year, so unless you have $ bags, $300 is quite a big difference, at least to me.
  11. If your budget is $800 or less then ya.
    If your budget is $1000+ i7 is the way.

    I had about every core 2 duo they made and I've had q6600s, all good stuff.

    High clocked e8400s feel lots faster then the quads even @ 3.6 in most everyday stuff.

    Currently I have a 4.05 e8400 and a 3.8 core i7 920. The i7 is way faster at everything. $300 for the performance you get is way worth it in my book. The i7 should be $700, good for me its not.

    If your on a budget and only want one card go for the q6600 and p45.
    If your a enthusiast/gamer/productivity person get the i7 so you can run anything you want.

    Today on my i7 i was streaming movies to my xbox 360, surfing web, burning dvds, running anti virus, downloading 1950KB/s on news groups, quick parring 20 files at once and unzipping them all as soon as they were done on quick par, all without a single hickup, and I was under 20%cpu usage.

    you cant complain about that.
  12. Yep, if you can afford it than get it. I was just saying that if you can't afford it, than the q6600/p45/DDR2 combo is hard to beat for the $!
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