P5KC and 8800GT -- Urgent Help!

Okay, a quick bit of information -- I have an ASUS PK5c board and an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT video card.

Earlier I downloaded rivatuner and I did some things to the fan putting it on 100% for a bit then back on auto, worked good.. Also accidently clicked on the overclocking options and drug the bar to the top, and then screen went blank -- restarted and then it was back to normal.

All was working good -- turned machine off a few hours ago, now when I try to power it up the memory LED's will turn orange and red and flash (as they always do to show activity), and then they go solid green and then loop -- never did this before.

Also, the fan on video card stays 100% and there is no video output.

Usually when it boots up it will have fans 100% for a bit then go to normal, then video output the POST and then it will boot..

Now there is no video output. Any thoughts?

I figured maybe i need to reset CMOS or something on video card, but not sure how on this car.d

Please advise.
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  1. guys, here is an update.

    The board is an ASUS P5KC board with 4 GB or DDR 2 ram in 4 sticks, it is Crucial.com Ballistic Tracer memory (with the LED's).

    I have an Intel Quad Core q6600 processor, a HighPoint RocketRaid controller, a Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Sound Card and the ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT.

    Not too sure on the power supply but it was healthy enough to handle everything in this box for a year or more, so I don't beleive that is the issue.

    What I initially did was just turn the computer off for 3-4 hours, and then turn it back on -- it would then not POST or show video output, and also the RAM would show all orange/red LED's, then it would drop count to just a few orange/red and then all LED's would turn green -- then it would loop.

    The fan on the video card would come on full blast as it always did, but it would not drop back down to low speed -- also, I can't remember if there are any LED's on the video card, but none are visible when I power the system on; however the fan is working, it has power and it seated correctly.

    I have removed the video card, powered on; of course no video -- no onboard video on this board either -- then I powered off and re-set the video card, same issue.

    I took 2 sticks of RAM out and tried it, same issues and same RAM led patterns.

    I tried removing the battery and moving the CLRC jumper to reset CMOS/Bios -- I guess that it worked, but it didn't change anything as an end result.

    Not sure what else to do or try -- I wish I could tell what the LED patterns on the rAM meant -- maybe that's telling me something.

    Maybe the video card is fried or has bad settings in it's CMOS -- any way to reset it other than remove it and re-set it?

  2. Presumably the graphics have fried.
    This happens sometimes to me when I push the clocks on my CPU. It keeps the fan at 100% and loops.
    Once I restart it (I have an Asus P5B, with overclock protection [C.P.R]) it goes back to normal.
    This also happens when I push the clocks on my 8800GT too hard.
    Your graphics HAVE fried, man. But just in case, put another VGA card in to check. Or use onboard video, if you have it. If the other VGA card works, you'll have a very cool paperweight.
  3. How do you enable CPR?

    I don't beleive it's the Graphics Card because I tried another card and it didn't work at all -- it's probably the MOBO -- I have an RMA but will try a few more things.

    Advise on the CPR thing.

  4. o.k... here's the deal... you need 5 things... before any computer will start up... memory... motherboard... cpu... hard drive... and video so you can see what you're doing... and if you don't have any one of those... the computer is nothing more than just a big paper weight, now... i take it you got a motherboard and processor kit... and designed the system yourself... or it was made by some one else, in any case... we need to do some testing... do you have a volt meter by chance... if you do... glad to hear... if not... go get one, if it's a amd... you just wasted your money... because if the processor goes out... it usually takes out the motherboard... and if the motherboard goes out... it usually takes out the processor... and to be honest with you... i hate amd for that very reason, now... with the power connector to the motherboard... dvd... floppy... and everything else powered by the power supply... disconnected... take the black wire of the meter and put it in the the middle of the dvd connector, now... turn the computer on... put the meter on dc 20 volt... put the red wire of the meter... and connect it to the red wire on the dvd connector. do you see 5 volts? good... now take the red meter wire out and put it with the yellow wire of the dvd connector. do you see 12 volts? good... it's not the power supply. turn off the power and disconnect the power cable from the computer... reconnect all the wires, now... you said you overclocked the video card. right? well... i just came from the asus website and here's what i found out... it says to use Dual-channel DDR2 1066/800/667... or... DDR3 1333/1066/800, in other words... if that memory doesn't say ddr2 1066mhz... ddr2 800mhz... ddr2 667 mhz... or... DDR3 1333mhz... ddr3 1066mhz... or ddr3 800mhz... then you just fried the motherboard and prossor... and they owe you a new motherboard and processor because it's the wrong memory to begin with. tell you what... just to see if that's what's going on... go to altex computers... give them the motherboard manufacturer's name and the p5kc model#... take out the memory that's in there... and insert the single memory of what they give you into slot 1... if it works... then you have the wrong memory installed... and you need to call where you got the other ones and let them know, if it does the same thing as it's doing now... i am sorry to be the barrer of bad news... but... the motherboard and processor just went bye bye... and you need to call the people that sold you the memory... and tell them they just bought the motherboard and prossor from you. if it worked before you installed the video card... chances are the video card caused the motherboard and cpu to go out when you overclocked it... then there's noing you can do but replace everything. i went to nvidia for you... the cmos is not resettible on that card. if you installed the video card when the computer was built... chances are the overclocking was to much on the processor... and you fried it that way... but... there's a chance that the mamory may have caused it to. other than what i've told you... i don't know man. i hope this helps.
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