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So I would consider myself fairly computer savvy, but my weak point is by far file systems.

Anyway, I normally setup my computers with the hard drive split into two separate partitions. One partition usually runs about 50gb, and contains the operating system and a few basic programs like an internet browser and whatnot. The other partition contains programs I regularly use, games, etc. I do this because it makes it extremely easy to reformat my system after something goes wrong, and prevents me from needed to reinstall the majority of my programs and games.

Now my question is, am I hindering the performance of these programs and games by running them on a different partition than the operating system itself? Or does it not matter?

If it does matter, I might re-setup my system when my second hard drive comes in for my RAID.
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  1. This setup will if anything improve performance in the long run, small disk areas help search time resulting in faster loading in general.

    The "norm" recommendation for this style of disk setup would be
    c: 50GB or depending on OS
    d: 100-200GB games and apps
    e: Small Page file drive
    f: Storage

    letters can be change as needed

    page file in another location will assist fragmentation issues.
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