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I'm going to disassemble, clean, and apply new TIM on my HD 4890. I've heard that the memory thermal pads can sometimes tear when the card's disassembled because they can sometimes dry out. Does anyone know where I could get replacement memory pads just like the factory ones? The factory ones are those soft, jelly-like ones that area sticky, but have no permanent adhesive. They're kind of like those silly wall-crawling or frog's tongue toys that get sticky when moist. They should be approximately 2 inches long to cover 4 memory modules at once, and all I need is a twin-pack.

I've looked all over and contacted several places, but all I've been able to find are those permanent 3M pads. (If I wanted those, I'd just go to RadioShack.)

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  1. I use Arctic Silver 5, after cleaning with a coffee filter and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Try they carry several types of thermal pads - LINKIE
  3. I've shopped FrozenCPU before, and the EK pads they sell seem to be the closest things to the factory pads.

    Looks like a call to XFX to see if they'd be OK may be in order.
  4. ^ I'v used the EK pads and they work well with water blocks. However, I have also used IC Diamond which also works well. I personally prefer the IC Diamond.

    However, realize that EK pads are NOT an adhesive at all.
  5. I have to use pads because TIM won't fill the gap between the ram and the reference 4890 heatsink. I ran into a similar issue with an 8800GT. Fortunately the replacement cooler came with thermal pads. This time I'm not swapping for an aftermarket cooler with all the extras. I just want to be prepared for a worst-case scenario if the original pads are dried out or tear when the cooler's removed.
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