Planning to replace the Hard Drive on Dell E1505

Hi folks,
I'm planning to replace my current hard drive on my dell E1505 laptop. Currently I'm running Windows XP on a 80GB SATA HD. I have fedora too on that drvie. I have following questions.

1. Can I replace this HD with bigger, say 250GB HD?
2. Is there any limitation in the BIOS that it won't read beyond 80GB of OEM or so?
3. Can I use clonezilla to clone my laptop hard drive to USB connected new hard drive?
4. Do I have to worry about Windows and other software licenses if I do clone?

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  1. 1) Looks possible. Google "dell e1505 hard drive replacement" and you will find several offered, including a 320gb

    2) That looks like a new enough PC that it shouldn't be an issue. Just saw a review that it was offered with up to a 160gb as a factory option.

    3) not familiar with clonezilla

    4) Should be no issue. It's the same laptop, so even an OEM license should be valid.
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