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I have the ASUS tri-cooler 4870x2.. Why does the gpu use only say 31%? Is there any way i can use the whole thing? or do some games not support both gpu's?
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  1. Try running at the highest resolution your monitor supports, and enable all the eye candy in the games.

    There's nothing wrong with 31% usage. I'm sure some future games will be more demanding, and it's good to have room for them too. Or maybe you'll get a larger monitor with 1920x1200 or 2560x1600, as prices drop, and then your GPU will have to work harder even if you don't change the games.

    Some games do support 2 ATI GPUs well (i.e. Crossfire), like CoD for example. Others are optimized more toward two nVidia cards, like Crysis.
  2. Are you sure your not talking about fan speed? If that is the case just open up CCC (8.12 drivers) and turn it up to your liking
  3. Post a screenshot, maybe, just to clarify?

    If it is about the fan speed, check the video card temperatures too. If your fan runs at only 31% and the card isn't very hot, that's great news IMO and you don't need to change anything.
  4. I got my fan speed at 100%. Very quiet btw compared to my old x1950 pro ^^. I get idle temps around 29 degrees and at 48% load about 34d. Do you think windows vista would increase the performance of my 4870x2? I also play at 1900/1200 res on a 24" monitor.
  5. Vista would bring DirectX 10 to the table. Some of your games will look better. As far as performance (i.e. number of fps) it will be a few fps lower than on XP or the same, in general.
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