Is ddr3 pc3 10666 ram faster than ddr3 pc3 10600 ram?

Is DDr3 PC3 10666 ram any faster or slower than DDr3 PC3 19600 ram? Are they interchangeable?
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  1. dont believe there is a ddr3 19600

    ddr3 10666 runs at 1333mhz

    ddr3 12800 runs at 1600mhz

    these are the 2 most common speeds--though you can get up to about 2133mhz

    heres the technical stuff

    which motherboard are you wanting to put it in?
  2. N1shka said:
    Is DDr3 PC3 10666 ram any faster or slower than DDr3 PC3 19600 ram? Are they interchangeable?

    Damn fat fingers.....19600 should have read 10600 sorry about that. God show on my first post here.
    I think it may have something to do with ECC and Non ECC or Buffered and Non-buffered (shrug). I installed Ripsaw 10666 into my HP Pavillion P6621C-D and it worked fine I had 16 gigs of ram. Unfortunately, the MB developed a sound problem and the machine went back to HP for warranty repairs (nothing to do with the ram) and the buggers put in an older version of the MB, a P6621 ABA and suddenly my computer won't boot with the Ripsaw ram. So, that was why I asked.
  3. There I go again. it should read Good show on my first post here. (sigh)
  4. ecc ram is for servers not desktops

    maybe a bios update would fix it--assuming you can get some ram that it will boot up with to update the bios

    if not phone hp and complain--they should have replaced it with an equal or better part not on older one--probably wont get you anywhere though
  5. Thanks for the reply again. When trying to buy ram for an HPee, HP is very secretive about the type you need, They figure that if you know what is compatible with their machine, you will go out and buy it for 1/4 of the price that HP charges for their ram. I spent 2 hours on the phone with a US tech rep for HP venting about the inferior board and their wiring harness that is so short things barely plug in and the harness pushes on the graphics card, knocking off a capacitor. The machine is going back as soon as the "box" arrives, supposedly tomorrow, and if it comes back with the same inferior MB, I'm packing it up and taking it back to Costco for a refund or some other brand of machine. Do I sound angry?
  6. yes pi**ed off--hope it was a free phone number

    i would never use an hp laptop after the overheating fiasco with the dv series graphics chips and their crappy response to it--although it may cost more i stick with ibm/lenovo
  7. Yeah, it was their dime on an 800 number. Anyway, even if I had to pay for the call, we have a long distance plan where we can call anywhere in Canada or the US anytime for 50 cents and talk as long as we want. It used to be for 25 cents. but Primus bought out Wintel and jacked up the rate. It's still worth it to us. You mentioned a laptop. My computer is a desktop with a keyboard I understand and with a 23" HD monitor. The only thing is that they must have used speakers from an old 6 transistor radio. Usually HDMI sound is so nice, but not from HP..........crappy, crappy! When the sound quit to my speakers, causing my original warranty claim to HP, I had to use the HDMI sound until they finally agreed it was the computer's fault and sent me "the box", I didn't listen to music, only sounds from email jokes :cry:
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