Metal HDD shield.

I have a Dell Precision 490 workstation. I have just bought a WD Caviar Black HDD to use as a third disk and fitted in the flexbay and replacing the floppy. The manual says a vented metal placed in front of the new drive is 'essential'.
Dell don't seem to want to help with this and say the part isn't listed. I bought the PC from a third party vendor selling off unwanted Dell stuff so there is no service tag, which might explain their reluctance to help.

My question is this. how essential is the shield and is there some alternative I can use?
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  1. I'm thinking that the metal shield is to be put in the hole where the floppy stuck out? I think that this is to ensure air flow over the drive, which is important. If you just leave the hole open it will perform the same function. If you want to see how hot your drives are getting download hwmonitor from cpuid.
  2. Thanks for that,

    the re-supplier has informed me that they have seen many of these 490 supplied by Dell with a third drive but without a shield.
  3. where do you get the drive temp in hwmonitor?
  4. It should be on the main (only) page. I haven't got a new version in like a year, so I might be out of date with the current gui, but in the one I have everything is on one window. You can scroll if you have enough devices to need to, and I *think* that everything is in like a tree view so you might have to click on some plus signs on the left. I never pay attention because it always comes up the way I want it. Another program which tells you drive temperature is speccy by pririform.
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