How to delete a windows 5.1, XP system folder

Hello, for some reason a folder for one of the users containing My documents etc wont delete as it says it is a windows system folder. How do I delete this folder as I've moved the data to an external drive as I'm almost out of memory?
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  1. Have you tried deleting the user first from Control Panel - Users ?
    There is an app. called Unlocker.exe, try, it will unlock and delete any files so be careful.
  2. Are you moving user directories from Documents and Settings, or just My Documents? Never move the Documents and Settings folders fully, it contains a ton of hidden and system files. You can rediect some folders like My Documents and Favorites though. Just get a larger drive, and use the external drive for back-ups. Better idea anyway unless you have a back0up drive already.
  3. Documents and Settings also has a Temp and Temp Internet folders along with History, you want to empty those for all users.
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