Phenom 940 OC 3.4 cooling problems

Hi guys, I'm a little stuck. I'm running a P2 940 3ghz chip OCd to 3.4, was 3.7 until i saw the temps in HWMonitor and freaked. So even at 3.4, my idle is about 58*c. Even sustained maxxed gaming doesn't crash the system, BUT i'm freaked over the "idle" temp, while gaming i've seen this rise to 70*c+. I'm using a OCX Vanquish cooler, 18*c less than the stock AMD cooler at this OC. Am I missing something here? Because everywhere i look, ppl say they are getting ~38*c idles which is MUCH better... (HWMonitor says my NB goes above 110*c too, is this normal?) Thanks for any input.
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  1. Sorry, I should also have listed a few other components, my sys specs are as follows :
    AMD P2 940 3.0GHz (OCd 3.4)
    Asus M3A32 Deluxe Mobo
    8Gb (Unbranded) Samsung chip DDR2 800 @ 1066MHz
    2x XFX HD4890 1Gb (crossfire)
    3x 250Gb Western Digital SATAs (RAID 0)
    1x 2TB Seagate SATA
    Sony 24x DVD-R
  2. come on guys, i know you know from reading Toms for the last couple of years.... please help me.
  3. you might want to try remounting the heat sink if your temps are that high could not read a review rating this heatsink to others so i dont know if its even a big enough for a overclocked 940. but remount it and see if the temps drop. also depending on what case you have you might not have good airflow. and remember that high ambient temps will effect the temps, living in FL gives me a higher idle temp then most 940's but you still should not be getting temps that high. you might also want to look into lapping your heatsink if the base is really uneven which would also case some of the heat issues. Trying to give you all the reasons it might be. i use speed fan to check my temps so im not sure how reliable hwmonitor is and it might be that thats whats causing the high temps just a miss reading. try everything and if its still acting up let me know ill try to figure something out
  4. What type of case do you have? If you don't have good airflow, then the hot air will stay in the case. Ambient temperature CAN affect your chip's temperature and not in a good way if it's high.

    What type of fans are in your case to help with airflow?
  5. Hey, thanks for your input. To be fair its a crappy case, but its been rigged with 120mm rear exhaust fan, the 850w PSU has its own throughput fan, the HD4890s are also taking air out of the system along with another expansion port fan, and a 80mm fan on the front and a 5.25" bay triple fan unit. Ambient in the immediate area around the case is prob. around 23*c roughly.

    I know I seated the CPU heatsink really well, and the fan is actually pointing down in my case.
    But because of your suggestion, I took off the heatsink.

    My whole case is dust free..... except the CPU heatsink fins!!!
    I've never looked at them before, and because of your suggestions I saw a monumental build up of dust on the fins directly behind the fan, so much that I couldn't even see through the fins.

    A quick dismantle, a quick wash and dry, and hail to the members at Tom's....idling at 32*c, load at 46*c.

    I'm thinking about the Xclio 1000 series for my new case, THAT many fans should let me use this awesome chip for what its worth.

    Thanks guys, for making me take off the heatsink. :hello:
  6. Glad we could be of help.

    Hopefully it didn't look like any of these:

  7. Jeebus! That's alot of dust... No, it didn't look like that, it was more like a carpet! :P

    And for anyone else with the M3A32-MVP mobo, I've just read that the reading on TMPIN2 is actually a "dead" sensor and not connected to anything, hence the anomolous readings, it's just spiked to over 126*c. Surely at that temp it would melt the solder!!

    I have noticed that the higher the OC, the higher this TMPIN2 goes, and a little higher on the OC, and it just vanishes completely.

    Not sure what to make of this, but since I can't smell cooking electronics I'm going to assume it is "dead".

    Well, thanks again.

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