4870 and antec 900

so im getting a 1gb his hd4870, and wanted to know if it'll fit in the antec 900 case.
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  1. definitely yes
  2. just wanted to check with some ppl who know more about htis stuff. it'll fit 2 of them as well right? and they'll fit okay on this motherboard right?
  3. it should work fine, however i would also consider getting a 4870x2, especially if you can find one for roughly the same price as 2 4870's
  4. im gonna get a second 4870 later, cuz i dont have the cash for two or a 4870x2 atm. thx
  5. I just installed a sapphire 4870 in my antec 900 case last night. It fit however I had to get rid of the second fan on the one hard drive cage that didnt have hard drives in it. This may not apply to your Mobo but I had to route the cables for the power button reset button and HDD LED underneath the back of the card because there was not way I could route it over top of it.
  6. I too am interested in purchasing a Sapphire 4870 for my computer. The problem that I have, is that I have a relatively small case and before I open up my wallet I would like to know if it would fit. I have been searching for the actual dimensions of the card itself, but I cant find it. Does anyone out there know where I can find them or has anyone measured the actual card? If there is a topic about this already can one post the link to the topic? I am more interested in the length of the card, more then anything else.

    I would appreciate any help.
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