Samsung vs WD

Good day guys,

Which is better? the samsung HD103SJ 1tb?


WD's caviar green 1tb?

Actual performance/reviews would be very much accepted! :D

Thanks in advance!
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  1. what i meant with better is that the hdd would be run straight from the box 24/7. this would be utilized for a small scale server.

    thank you!
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    If you're concerned about uptime and reliability of a server then you should be using redundant RAID and Enterprise-class drives instead of consumer drives. Enterprise-class drives are built to higher tolerances, typically have more extensive ECC codes and include RAID-optimized firmware.

    For example, on this list of Western Digital SATA drives, the Enterprise-class drives are RE2/RE3/RE4 series.

    Remember that RAID is not a backup - you still need to have a plan for backing up your data to external media.
  3. ok i reviewed RAID and would be looking at the referred list... thanks for the info!
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