[HELP] DIY system reboots itself =/

p5q pro + e5200 (nt overclocking yet)
cm hyper 212 cpu cooler
2*1gb kingston ddr800
palit hd 4850
cm elite 333 casing
500W aero horsepower

my system,cpu n either core temperatures ranges from abt 30°C to 50°C when loaded
graphics card is ard 50°C

the problem is that my computer has been rebooting itself randomly.sometimes can stay on for hours, but sometimes will just suddenly reboot. sometimes it doesnt even get past POST

i've disabled the auto reboot function if my windows meets an error and dere's no BSOD

i've tried changing ram/optical drive/hdd/graphics card but it still crashes

i just tested this
p5q pro+e5200
cm hyper 212 cpu cooler
2*1gb kingston ddr800
gforce 7300LE
cm elite 333 casing
230~250W some acer psu borrowed from friend(need to use a 12V end with a longer one to be able to plug into the mobo's power supply socket fully)

is the 2nd build's power supply able to support it?because if it cannot support then i wouldn't eliminate PSU having the problem yet

and it still reboots by itself before windows/after loading windows/before post

anybody has any idea why my computer is behaving haphazardly?
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  1. try testing your ram with memtest86+ for a starter. Then you can look at testing the CPU under high loads (will also heat stress, which can show other potential issues).
  2. Ya deffinatly check the ram with memtest86. Also try just using one stick of ram.
  3. If I May???... Stop fdisking around and get yourself a good name brand power supply in the 450-550 range with an 80 rating,ocz,enermax,pcpower and cooling,etc,etc.The power supply in today"s computer is the single most IMPORTANT part,you should always buy the "best in class" for your intended..Untill you have a good and reliable psu all else is noise...:)
  4. ok..i just tried the memtest(the windows version, ran for about 45min, the website say 20min is ok)

    ran it in windows..dere was no reboot, so everything was looking good. no errors found with the ram. so can i eliminate the ram already?or they can be gd working now..but they still might be the culprit for the reboots?
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