E8500 at 61-100 degrees before OS install!?!?!?!??!

Hello TomsHardware community.

I have a question.



What the **** is wrong with my CPU?!

It's just new. I'm using the stock heatsink/fan. And ArcticSilver Thermal compound.
I just built the system, here's the specs:

XFX 780i SLI

Intel Core2 Duo E8500 (3.16GHz factory clock)

OCZ PC2-8500 SLI-Ready 1066MHz CL5, 4*1GB

Gigabyte ODIN GT 800W

Galaxy GeForce 9800GTX+

NZXT Whisper

CD Drive
Sony IDE one (not sure on details)

Samsung 1TB 7500rpm (new, unused)

Alright i think that's it.

I've formatted and etc, now i just need to install XP Home Edition.
But, the CPU reaches 100 degrees and the computer just turns off.
Now thats good that it turns off, my CPU won't die that way, but it's going to eventually if this bloody cooler doesn't pick up!!

Ok. Settle.

Alright. Here's the story.


Built the system.
Spread Thermal compund over the CPU heatspread. Placed the cooler firmly in position.
It took some attempts for it to format or even get to the formatting stage without shutting down.
Eventually done a format. XP told me to reboot, so i hit enter and rebooted.
Booted up, got the the Windows loading screen, turned off. turned on, at same screen it turned off. I unplugged it from the wall, left for about 5 mins then tried again. It got past the loading screen and as it was installing it turned off.
I was thinking it was power supply failure, so i went into the BIOS and checked the system monitor for the voltages.

Then, oh my god, my CPU temp was at 103°C.

So, after running around the house hitting things (while the PC was turned off), i returned and took off the CPU cooler and cleaned it and the CPU from the thermal paste. Reapplied thermal paste and placed the CPU cooler back on (yes, it's firmly on and in place, i've checked numerous times). Booted her up and went into the BIOS straight away.
Went to system monitor, and watched them there double digits rise.

50°C, 55°C, 58°C, 61°C and steady.

Now, i know that the stock cooler isn't the best. But my mate has the same CPU and is using his stock cooler and his CPU is keeping at 41°C.

So basically, when the CPU is idle, it stays around the 60°C mark.
When i go to install XP, it's a different story.

It jumps to 100°C and turns off.

Now please, someone, give me some help? I'm really frustrated!!
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  1. Your cooler is not installed correctly. Take it off, make sure you have the right amount of compound, put it back on and double check the installation.
  2. I've done that.. 4 times now..

    What is the 'right amount of compound' ?
  3. Jimbo:
    I'm thinking it's the cooler aswell. I'll just go buy a Zalman, and remove the motherboard to place it securely.

    Thank you.
  4. yeah zalman is an amazing heatsink. you will definitely enjoy it.

    i have to agree with the above posts - the heatsink is probably not seated properly. that being said, its not a knock on your building abilities. those push pin things that come with the factory heat sink really suck! im sure you will not have that problem with an aftermarket cooler such as the 92mm zalman LED. best of luck.
  5. One thing to add: If you haven't installed a CPU cooler on an LGA775 Motherboard before the amount of force it takes to seat all the pins properly is MUCH more than you may be used to. (For the stock design with no retainer on the back side of the motherboard.) If you didn't have a "OMG I'm going to break my motherboard" moment while seating it, you didn't push hard enough.

    Best bet in my opinion is as mentioned above, get an aftermarket cooler that includes a plate on the backside of the MB for mounting. You'll be happier with the installation, and with the temps. (Especially if you OC it!)
  6. ^ rofl i know that moment for sure.
  7. As was already said here and in the link, the pins were not seated properly. Do not get a HS with the same pin design, because... uh... well... it is the same dysfunctional pin design.

    To wit, as was also said, make sure you get a HS with a backplate.

    If you have the clearance in your case, then do yourself a favor and install the XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler with the XIGMATEK ACK-I7751 Retention Bracket. It works extremely well.

    When applying thermal paste with the Xigmatek cooler, apply a thin layer across the CPU IHS (top) or across the whole base of the heatsink. The paste won't spread properly through contact because of the gaps between the heatpipes and the base.
  8. Thanks all
  9. Try cooler not attached properly.
  10. I have figured that the cooler is not attached properly.
    And my case doesn't have the best air flow, NZXT Whisper. I Really regret getting this case.
    But is there anyway to mod this case? For higher aircooling in the top compartment?
  11. My comment was directed at Psycho not you. The only easy change would be to get an exhaust fan with a higher CFM rating.
  12. Oh ok. My bad.
    See with my case it's for sound dampening, now that i have i realize **** sound dampening i want airflow. But -,-
  13. No big deal, I just wanted you to know it wasn't directed at you. I figured you understood the reason for the super high temps.

    Your kinda stuck at this point, but there are high flow 120mm fans that will move more air. Some can be a little noisy, it's a trade off.
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