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Well today I was playing MwLL and wanted to get a better framerate without busting out the cash. Which then led me to thinking that I have not yet made an attempt to OC my new video card. But when remembering the name of the card I realized that it already was. (Duh) Then the idea of overclocking a superclocked card sounded rather unnecessary. But I would like to know how to - if i could - and how much i should, overclock this card. (In case you decided reading the title is pointless, the card is an EVGA 9800 GT Superclocked)
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  1. What are core, shader and memory?
  2. Core: 650
    Shader: 1625
    Memory: 950
  3. You can try overclocking with EVGA precision tool, with slightly increment 5-10 Mhz, and testing with ATITool and 3DMark 06. When will you see artifacts/problems, crashing try lowering the settings. Do not push too hard, and watch the temperature. Good luck
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