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I had to format my HardDrive and I had no backup for my XP home edition just the Driver Disk. I thought I might be able to get it back from Micro Soft sice I registered it as usual. I can never get any help from them. I have registered Windows 95, 98, XP Pro and XP Home edition and my newest one Windows 7. I don't have disks for them just on the Hard Drive. There must be a legal way that MS can check to see if and when I registered my Windows XP home Edition and allow me to down load it to my Computer and put it on my Flash Drive for installation. Can You help me
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    Usually you can find an ISO of OEM windows without the Hack or just grab any install and change keys after install. You can call Microsoft, give them registration key and ask where you can safely DL the latest version of XP Home.
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  3. I have thought of that but I would need a phone number to call preferably 1-800 number if possible. I'll check but not sure if I have 1on hand. Thanks it is about what I thought.
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