Zotac GTX 275 problems bumping to 3d perfomance

Hello everyone,

I just have a quick question. When my system either comes out of standby (every time) or the graphic card gets a little warm (65-70 , rarely) it will stay in low power 3d settings and I can't get it to bump to 3d performance settings. I can only restart to alleviate problem. I have already adjusted fan rule to cool the system more (Tmin=60, Top=65, Tlowlim=50, Thighlim=80, or just 75% duty cycle) although these will only apply from a fresh start of the cpu and don't seem to accurately keep the system <75*C all the time.

The overclock is very stable in furmark with 710MHz core, 1481MHz shader, 1192MHz memory. I had the shader clock get to about 1530MHz but if it gets >70*C it can freeze the system so it was lowered.

Has anyone found a cure for this, and/or found a better fan rule that works well?

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  1. please tell us what type of card you are running. thanks..
  2. Sorry, I thought that was listed in my profile,

    Zotac GTX 275 896MB New Nvidia Drivers
    I7-860 2.8 GHz
    Windows 7
    Corsair 650W PSU

    GPU overclocked with Rivatuner.
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