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I'm actually looking for a method to secure my HDD. "Secure" here means no people able to gain any data from my HDD even when they plug in as secondary HDD or when they try to boot HDD using other machine. File encryption is one of the method but because it take time to encrypt and decrypt, it is not a best option for me. Please advice. thanks
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  1. I'm not sure you can do this effectively without encryption. Any reason besides the initial time that you do not like?
  2. Encryption or physical security to prevent the theft of the drive are really the only two options you have...
  3. Yes, the reason that i need other solution is because for encryption as i know, it will need some time for decryption when you boot up the machine, if the user already getting very slow when boot up, and they already start complain, i believe encryption method will get them crazy :) ..but i think i have no choice other than encryption method
  4. Well, the system doesn't actually decrypt to whole drive when it's booting, it only decrypts the sectors it's reading (and it only decrypts the copy it's read into memory, not the data on the disk itself). That shouldn't affect the boot time very much unless you've got an underpowered machine...
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