Is it my 4870 or GPU-Z?

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Palit 4870 Sonic 1Gb, and have noticed that the Core clocks fluctuates between 500 Mhz and 780 Mhz every now and then. This happends when I am in desktop mode, no 3d applications running in the background. Have been able to log this in GPU-Z also. GPU-Z version is 0.3.0.

Is something wrong with my card, or is this a bug in GPU-Z? Any inputs will be appreciated.
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  1. Nothing wrong with your GPU and not a bug in GPU-Z.
    Dynamic Power Management - ATI PowerPlay™ technology - at work.
  2. yep, it makes it so it consumes less power and produces less heat
  3. I understand powerplay and the fact that the GPU downclocks in 2D mode. What I am seeing is sudden spikes in the GPU frequency for a couple of seconds, even while I am in 2D mode and GPU utilization is 0%.

    GPU-Z screen shots

  4. I see nothing like that with my 4870's and GPU-Z ver 0.3.0. But mine is also displaying more information then what is shown in your screen shots. I have five more readings below GPU Temp. (SHADERCORE) I also see:

    VDDC Current 28.5A
    VDDC Slave #1 Temp 50.0c
    VDDC Slave #2 Temp 48.0c
    VDDC Slave #3 Temp 51.0c
    VDDC 1.2652V

    But my GPU Core Clock remains steady at 500.0 Mhz
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