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hello i have a geforce6150se nforce430 chipset and it has normally 256mb of grahics,but when i put more than 1gb ram it says 512mb of graphics,thats only on xp,not vista,and the same thing hapens on my other pc with a geforce7050pv chipset i wonder why is that,is it using from ram as a video memory?
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  1. Yes older graphics cards steal some ram. Nvidia calls it turbo cache.
    The reason you have to have 1 gb of ram for turbo cache to be enabled is because with less than 1 gb of ram, there wouldnt be much ram left to use.

    BTW... i think turbo cache is not enabled when just browsing the web ect... just when playing games.

    Here is a link to better explain :
  2. The same thing happened to me. How will effect then overall performance. If one wishes to install Window 7 64 bit, is there then enough memory left over to support the O.S.
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