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I have a Dell Dimension 2350 desktop with Bios Rev A02. The hard drive crashed sometime back and I installed a sata hard drive WD3200AAKS on it using the following adapter as shown in the web site.

I got another power cable to power the hard drive since i had only gotten one to power the adapter. The hard drive does power up now when i switch on the system. The bios does not recognize the hard drive though. I even put a jumper on the 5th and 6th pin to reduce the data transfer rate to 150 Mbps.

Trying to install Windows XP SP2 also does not work cause it says "hard drive not detected". On checking the manufacturers web site (Western Digital) they say that no drivers are needed. Hence I can not do an F6 clean install.

I do not know if I need to update the Bios and if I do need to, I do not know how to.

I am a rookie, but did a couple of searches on the net to get all the info that I did so far. Any help to install this hard drive will be greatly appreciated. And thanks in advance.

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  1. Your XP CD does not have the SATA drivers needed for the storage controller to access it. You will need to get the drivers from intel at: You will need to unzip the drivers into a folder, likely something like: AHCI_Intel_7.5.0.1017_XPx86 assuming your system is 32 bit.

    Then using a CD writer on a working Windows system, integrate the drivers into a new installation CD. Simple instructions for this at:
  2. This link is also pretty good:

    You need to install freeware: nlite for burning and integrating drivers.
  3. thank you m_foster for the links. following them was a breeze.

    but for some reason the same error message still shows up, saying the hard drive could not be detected.

    on checking the dell web site the chip set used for my desktop is 845gl. there were no sata drivers for that chipset. so i used the ones mentioned in the common drivers (both the Intel 82801GR/GH ones). Please do let me know if i need to do something else or if i am doing anything wrong.

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    My guess would be the converter you installed needs to be pinned properly as you would have to properly pin any IDE/DMA (PATA) drive. Look for jumper settings on the converter that specify (Master/Slave/Cable Select) If this is the drive you are booting from, it should be set as Master and preferably not be on the same IDE port as the CD/DVD-ROM drive.

    That is, put your SATA drive on IDE-0 by itself pinned as MASTER, ensure any other IDE drives you have are pinned as either (CABLE SELECT or SLAVE) and try again.

    You actually don't need the SATA drivers, I didn't take a close look at the interface converter you ordered....sorry....good luck.
  5. Thank you so much M_Foster.

    There were three slots for the IDE data cable. One was exclusively for the hard drive (Previous IDE one), one for the cd rom and the last for the floppy. I used the one alloted to the previous hard drive and did not interchange it with any other slot.

    When you asked me to check for the jumper setting on the convertor (adaptor) i looked into it. But there were no slots for any jumpers. But there were two sata data slots available. One said SATA=>IDE and the other said IDE=>SATA. I had used the first one before thinking I needed to hook the SATA drive onto the IDE motherboard. But when I switched the cable over to the IDE=>SATA slot, the hard drive is being detected in the BIOS too. Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

    Now I have a new computer, thanks to you. :)
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  7. Glad it worked out for you, cheers..
  8. It is 2013, and I am having the same issue replacing an IDE HD on my old HP computer using a SATA HD ....did you ever find a solution...HP did not make BIOS update for the SATA hardware that they had installed on my motherboard, and IDE drives are hard to come by.....any help would be appreciated! herbielind
  9. You just need to install a sata to IDE adapter on the back of the news Sata drive. IDE drivers will then detect the new drive...
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