P5n32-e sli & Corsair 8500c5d

I work with photoshop and I'm a gamer. here's my old config.
P5n32-e sli (Vista 64 bit)
chipset Nvidia 680sli
bios revision 1503
CPU = Duo core 6400
ram = 4 x 1 ghz Crucial 800 mhz 4-4-4-12 dual channel (Balistic)
graphic = MSI 8800 GTX (nvidia driver)
4 x Seagate 320 gig (2 raid 0 )

new config.
same thing except:
CPU = Duo Core 8500
bios revision 1503 (tried 1601, but it's crap)
ram = 4 x 2 ghz Corsair pc8500c5d (dual channel)
I can't fix the memory config in the setup properly to make the Corsair work at 1066mhz. I know it's in the Extreme Tweaker and I have to change some auto mode for manual and unlinked. I changed the voltage as required and the memory timing also to 5-5-5-15 and fixed the memory to 1066 but the pc freezes on the Asus screen...so I fixed all settings back to where they were and work at 800 mhz for now and it's perfect...but I want to know if it's possible without damaging the pc to get that 1066 mhz.I don't do overclocking. Thanks.
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  1. The nVidia 680 chipsets and MBs were flaky, so it may not be possible. Make sure you've set your RAM voltage to the value printed on the side of your DIMMs, then save that setting and reboot before trying to change the timings. With 4 DIMMs installed, you may also want to try boosting the northbridge/memory controller voltage a touch.
  2. That motherboard is especially flaky when using 4 dimms, Thats why I'm now using a P45 motherboard and gave up on my p5n32e-sli.
  3. Agree. P5N32 arn the best for 4dim.
  4. Did you ever get it stable at any speed with 4 modules?
  5. it's ok everybody. My system is very stable with my Corsair 8500 but at 800 mhz.Just can't fix the right speed in the setup cause the mb is not made for 1066 mhz native. It's still very accurate at 800mhz on 4 x 2 gig. Thanks anyway
  6. Nice to know that its now working correctly :D

    I personnaly prefer 2x2gb. The everyday use of a computer dont need over 3-4gb. Toms recently posted a review about this. Its pretty clear.
  7. Ok le québecois, j'en suis un aussi ! 8gig ram fonctionnent très bien avec vista 64 bit. Avec un système 32 bit, je sais que windows n'en voit ou utilise seulement 3.25. Merci mon ami.

    Ok '' Le Québecois'' I'm a Quebecker too. Vista 64 bit works very well with 8 gig of ram. I know that windows 32 bits uses only 3.25 gig of ram. Thank you my friend
  8. But did you get it stable with 4 dim ?

    Tu a réussie a etre stable avec 4 barette ?
  9. Hi

    1066 ram is 800 ram that has been tested to run within the specified voltage range at the specified timings. The user must set the timings and voltages to run 1066.

    Not many can get 1066 ram to run at that speed, usually 1000MHz and below is the norm. I have Consair Dominator in my other rig, stable at 960MHz. Start at 1066 and work your way down until you obtain stability.
  10. XMSYellowbeard said:
    Did you ever get it stable at any speed with 4 modules?

    On Vista 32 bits, I've experienced the blue screen crash a few times...and I remember the system froze a few times too.
    But on the 64 bits version, I'm impressed. Solid steady as a rock !
  11. boulard83 said:
    But did you get it stable with 4 dim ?

    Tu a réussie a etre stable avec 4 barette ?

    Now that I'm on vista64, it's almost like night and day. Now I can figure out why the system used to crash or freeze from time to time. I thought it was Vista or some driver problem....but now I think it was the 4 x 1 gig ram double channel on a 32 bits system. J'ai pas planté une seule fois avec Vista64 et 4 x 2 gig Corsair. Everything works like a dream.
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